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About us

Ever since childhood we have always been fascinated by technology and this fascination translated into our love for robotics and aviation. Every member of the core team is directly connected with the aviation industry, either as an engineering professional or as a professional, sport or model airplane pilot. Our broad professional background covers mechanical and electronic engineering, computer science and embedded systems, AI, composites manufacturing and industrial design. This gives us a unique ability to develop everything in-house, from carbon fibre airframe to all on-board computers and systems, and advanced control algorithms. We have complete control over every aspect of the system which enables us to push the safety and performance to a new level.

Airnamics d.o.o.
Cesta talcev 1
SI-1215 Medvode
Slovenia, EU

Business Unit Ljubljana
Cesta v Gorice 34b
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, EU

+ 386 68 920 772 (Office) 
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