X1 FPV Racer

We always wanted to know what happens if you combine a multi rotor with a fixed wing. The result is pure fun, high performance, ultra manoeuvrable, and highly efficient new FPV racer. By combining the manoeuvrability of a multi rotor with aerodynamic lift efficiency and performance of a fixed wing you completely change everything you [...]

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Red Bull Air Race

We are excited and honoured to become the official optimisation partner for Peter Podlunšek Racing in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. We will provide our expertise in the field of aerodynamic and structural optimisation, project management, data analysis and flight path optimisation. See you soon at the first race in Abu Dhabi.

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C1 Cable Camera Motion System

Current cable camera motion systems are big, expensive and cumbersome to setup. We wanted to change that by rethinking the basic physics principles of how the system works. The result is a two orders of magnitude reduction of total system mass, all the motion components are built into the camera platform, and setup and system [...]

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MathWorks® User Story

We are excited to announce that MathWorks®, one of our core business partners, has published a User Story about our development process of the R5 fly-by-wire and flight management system. With the help of their MATLAB® and Simulink® software packages we were able to not only develop the R5, but build a general simulation environment [...]

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Are You Ready for Disruption?

Commercial UAS industry is just making its first steps. In order to make a long lasting impact and achieve significant growth, products need to be safe, affordable and certified. Execution of this vision is resource intensive and technically challenging, unfortunately. Imagine what would happen if you lowered the barriers to entry by an order of [...]

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Airnamics Official Launch

After several years of development, we are excited to present to you The Ultimate Camera Motion System and our UAS Development and Production Services. Our mission is to completely redefine the commercial UAS industry in terms of safety, performance and ease of use. We are going to achieve this by offering our own products and helping other companies [...]

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