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R5 – Ease of use

Reimagined Ease of Use

Hand position controls the velocity, head orientation the camera view. That’s it!

You control the R5 via two joysticks on the ground control station and a head tracking video goggles with a live picture from the camera. You only focus on desired speed and direction of the camera movement and leave the actual flying to the onboard computers.

Ground Control Station

The joysticks control the translational motion of the camera. With one joystick you control the vertical velocity of the camera, with the other one you control left/right and forward/backward velocity. Want to hover on the spot? Let go of the sticks and enjoy the view

Head Tracker

To control the camera orientation you only have to move your head. Want to look at the upper left corner of the picture? Just move your head in that direction and the camera will follow your movement in real-time. You actually get the feeling you are floating in mid air. The only surprise comes when you look down and do not see your feet.