AI Powered Industrial Robotics

Airnamics mission is to create the most advanced autonomous robotics systems by integrating proprietary virtual simulation environment with cutting edge mechatronic components. Our model based and AI driven design process is optimised for safety, performance and ease of use.

How we do it

We have developed an extremely fast end efficient robotics development process. The process is based on three key building blocks:

Advanced Simulation Environment

The Airnamics Simulation Environment (ASE) enables us to quickly and efficiently test multiple concepts and optimise the selected solution to an advanced state based on virtual simulation alone.

High performance control and power electronics suite

For the real world robot testing and optimisation stage, our Airnamics Electronics Suite (AES) is directly integrated with the ASE simulation environment. This enables us to test the control algorithms, simulated neural networks and all other robotics software from the simulation environment directly on the onboard computers and system components. The speed and quality of the development process is unparalleled.

In-House Engineering of all system aspects

The last key building block is in-house engineering of those system parts where commercial, off the shelf, components just do not cut it. This enables us to preform a deep system integration which results in increased performance and safety levels along with decreased robot production cost. A nice side effect of in-house engineering is complete system control, which is crucial for the certification process of the system.

Core Business Partner

Kolektor is a global group of 37 companies with more than 5,300 employees all around the world with a presence in automotive, power, and civil engineering space. After Airnamics became part of Kolektor in 2017, core technologies and know how from Airnamics became an integral part of Kolektor Digital.

Kolektor Digital is a new division from Kolektor that focuses on solving Industry 4.0 challenges by combining Kolektor’s industrial domain knowledge with AI, advanced robotics, and other digital technologies.